A Testament to the Obvious


No surprises here.

While this piece was culled from fatherly.com, it is as relevant to #momlife as it is to #dadlife, for obvious reasons. And while the study was done on single fathers vs. fathers with partners, it is not far-fetched to argue the same results would be found for single mothers and partnered mothers.

What IS worth noting, however, is the CDC's response. This is pretty crucial to our mission. If national organizations recognize the danger of sleeplessness and warn against it, the argument for paid family leave for all parents is a logical extension. In a newborn's precious first weeks, it is a universal fact that parents miss out on uninterrupted sleep. From our non-medical experience, no newborn sleeps through the night, in fact, parents are required to feed their newborn on demand, every two-to-three hours. How, we ask, can a parent or parents be expected to show up for work refreshed and focused with truncated sleep? If the CDC finds sleeplessness as much of a hazard as this study implies, a guaranteed, extended period of sleeplessness should be reserved for paid time off. Wouldn't our country be a happier and safer place?