Not a Race, Not a Failure

This article really spoke to me, as I clutched my second cup of coffee for the morning and enjoyed the silence of my infant zonked out on her penguin play mat. At 15 weeks, the little sprog had barely just begun sleeping five-ish hour stretches at night before sleep regression hit. For the last ten days, nighttime has been punctuated nearly every hour with wailing, brief nursing sessions, tearing free from her swaddle, rejecting a pacifier, then sleeping fitfully in between. I grow continually more disoriented, have come down with a cold, and upped my morning caffeine intake to get me to normal. The women in my online breastfeeding support group made helpful suggestions and commiserated fully. But the truest advice I took to heart came from this article. There is truly no advice that anyone can give us. Every infant is different, and there is no reason to place for judgment. Every new parent has struggles. The one thing we can do for ourselves is refrain from self-criticism. No parent is a failure for trying.