August 26th, 2016!

Happy Women's Equality Day! There is so, so much to celebrate, and so much yet to achieve. Parental Leave Project is a visionary grassroots nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gap that most families face between a paycheck and postpartum leave. On a celebratory note, we can appreciate the fact that donors, foundations and philanthropists are willing to get behind our project, and that recognizing the need for mothers and fathers, single parents, same-sex couples and adoptive parents to dedicate the first handful of weeks with a new child is an understood necessity.

But the very existence of our organization speaks volumes to a national systemic failure. While a handful of states and a growing handful of businesses are beginning to offer paid leave to men and women for new or adopted babies and family caretaking, our country continues to lack a cohesive policy for paid family leave. In our last blog post, we argued that paid family leave for men and women is a way to advance equality of the sexes, and normalize parenting as a non-gendered identity. We truly believe that equality for women means respecting men as fathers, the family unit as an equal relationship, and respecting "alternative" families as simply "families". 

This year, 2016, our founder launched Parental Leave Project because she truly believes that healthy family foundations help foster healthy individuals and communities. Until our country offers the kind of leave we are working to fund, we will continue our work, recognizing that what we do is a benefit not only for babies and families, but for women's equality.

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