So Far To Go

Forgive me for a lack of eloquence in advance. But I was trying to find the right words to describe my response to this short bit of info from Philly Mag, and the only word I can find is "why." What is it about our country's work ethic that differs so vastly from countries like Iceland, Sweden, or Norway, and their seamless acceptance of maternal and paternal leave? Is it a reflection on our economy? Is sacrifice an accepted job description? Do we value our jobs more than our families? I recognize that that last question is naive--Of course not, but so many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and the pressure to maintain a tenuous grasp on staying fiscally afloat leads to arguably upsetting choices, like not being home with your newborn or newly adopted child. And what choice would a single mother or father have? Would the workplace judgment exist just as strongly? The study this article sites seems to imply that a shift in workplace attitude about taking leave needs to originate from the top. HR, management and bosses need to embrace a fair leave policy and refrain from judgment or question of merit for those who take it.