Global Fantasies

I hadn't consider Mauritius before.

But now that I'm a parent, fantasies and options change dramatically. I may not be able to pinpoint Mauritius on a globe with confidence (and initially thought it a Mediterranean island), but the prospect of free education through college for my little sprog is enticing enough.

Or perhaps if you are gestating, consider moving the whole operation to Iceland, where paternity leave is encouraged by the government. Once you have the baby, the lack of differentiation between day and night during the winter won't matter if you are cluster feeding and lack a schedule anyway. 

Concerned about getting everything, everything, back into shape after giving birth? France offers free pelvic floor clinics post-partum. And we thought free childcare at the local YMCA was a miracle!

In other words, the United States has a lot to learn from the rest of the world. Supporting, encouraging and honoring the family dynamic, education and a healthy work-life balance are aspects of life we struggle to achieve and fight to implement stateside, and look longingly to other countries, wishing their birth and child-rearing policies were ours. 

Universal education, childcare, and paid family leave are not as revolutionary as our lawmakers and policies seem to imply. How can we make our country look more like those that value families, children and education? Until we no longer need to privately fund family leave, childcare and education, our country remains far less progressive than we'd like.